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    Yes!, there are many photography workshops out there and digital photography courses that teach you photography techniques but those classes usually are filled with many students. In those types of classes you don’t get to ask questions you want to be answered and if you do, it may be the one out of ten questions you have for the instructor. They’re great courses to get your feet wet but if you’re looking to get better and gain useful feedback to improve, there’s nothing better than having a one-on-one lesson or discussion with someone more experienced. If you’d like to learn more about photography and how to improve feel free to contact me. I offer one on one lessons/critiques on how to improve your technique, how to use your new camera, and how to frame your subjects differently. This is photography for beginners and amateurs and is tailored to what you want to learn and achieve. These sessions can be done over Zoom video call, Outdoors or in a coffee shop and I usually recommend bringing a friend as a subject to photograph (if we’re covering portraits) to make things fun!

                              I offer private photography lessons, introductory photography courses, and photography-related workshops in the Greater Moncton area, New Brunswick.

Zooming Camera
Buildings from Below

Phone or Facetime Q&A Session

The perfect way to get your questions answered, quickly! This one hour session is a Q&A, and can include a quick review of your online portfolio if requested.

Popular topics include:

Editing (Lightroom, Photoshop)

Social media & marketing


Website (we can do a quick review!)

Booking & business

$200 per 1 hour session

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